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Many thanks to our ‘Wish Upon A Star’ wish grantors who have generously donated to this fundraising campaign since its’ start in June!  This successful campaign is ongoing and we look forward to adding even more new DVD’s to our collection in the weeks ahead.


Alice Biasucci

Andrea Winlo

Bruce Hanson

Bud Knowles

Byrnes  Family

Carol Lavoie

Carol McCron

Crichton & Tammy Smith & Boys

Danny, Honey Harbour Public School

Ed & Teri Restemayer

Ellen Kester

Friends of the MacTier Library

Gibson Lake Cottage Association

Honey Harbour Community Cooperative

In Memory of Ted Herriot

Jackie Rivett

Jill Morrell

Leo and Sasha

Lois Lemkay

Nadine Triemstra

Sarah Bolle

Tanner White-Fields

The Falcon’s Roost

Waters Family

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