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Library Board 2020-2022

Susan McGibbon, Chair:
Lauren Edwards, Vice Chair
Maureen Cooper
Bill Demkiw
Allan Hazelton
Stephen Jarvis

Library Board meetings are scheduled to begin at 4 pm and are open to the public, meeting dates are included below. To view an agenda before a meeting or to attend a meeting, please contact CEO Stephanie Clare at 705-529-5404 or


January 18 (special meeting) – Zoom
January 30 – Zoom
March 9 – Zoom
April 5 – Zoom
May 10
June 14 (10 am)
July 12 (1 pm)
August 22 (special meeting – 10 am) – Zoom 
August 31 (special meeting – 10 am) – Zoom

September 13
October 12 – Zoom
December 7 – Zoom


 CEO – Stephanie Clare

Deb Barkley
Kathryn Hannah

Donna Jones
Carol McCron
Mandy Near
Donna Newman
Linda Sallows


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