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All the children’s stuffed friends had a great time at
our MacTier & Honey Harbour branches for
‘The Teddy Bear Sleepover’ in March 2018.
IMG_0196 MT Teddy Sleepover 2 2018 MT Teddy Sleepover 4 2018 IMG_0190 IMG_0197 IMG_0183

early literacy
Elementary Early Literacy Station
Only at the MacTier Branch
The Early Literacy Station  is a comprehensive all-in-one digital learning solution for elementary aged children.  It doesn’t require an Internet connection, so it is safe and secure. It features many educational software titles spanning seven curricular areas. The educational titles are pre-loaded & organized using engaging and intuitive menus. It’s fun and free for children to use!

Lots of fun in 2017!

HH 2017 Fancy NancyMT 2017 puppet playHH Mr Lego 17-5MT Inkster 17-4HH 2017 Puppets 3MT Mr Lego 17-1HH Sparky 3Mt 2017 BiosphereHH 2017 Race

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